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{ˈpinˌəp/} | noun: pin-up; plural noun: pin-ups; noun: pinup; plural noun: pinups
a poster showing a famous person or object, designed to be displayed on a wall. A person shown in a pinup.

Almost every woman has experienced the pain of bad eyebrows. Whether we’ve been guilty of over tweezing those bad boys, or that time when we dropped into our local salon to get those eyebrows waxed unevenly.

Believe it or not, eyebrows hold the highest face value. Studies have proved that brows have the strongest social significance for emotional expressions and facial recognition!

If you’re as obsessed with eyebrows as we are, you would understand the importance of a few key factors of arches, length and thickness in eyebrows!

We work hard to create an eyebrow that is so flawless it’s worth to be pinned up!