Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Certified?
Yes! All of our artists can only perform and practice the art of brows with certification and insurance. Not only are our artists certified, it is also mandatory for us to receive an extensive training and certification in Blood Borne Pathogens. We want to ensure your health is protected!

Am I an ideal Candidate?
Microblading is suitable for most people. It is a safe and reliable procedure. Microblading is not ideal if you have one or more of the following conditions: Currently pregnant and/or breast feeding, diabetic, on blood thinner or if you’ve had fillers/injections around the treated area within the past six months. Please consult with your doctor before booking your procedure.
If you fall under any of the conditions, a doctor’s note is required to proceed with the process. You can always email or text us if you have any questions!

Do I need to shave my hair?
No! Please come as you are. We will shape your eyebrows as required and work with you to obtain your perfect Pinup Worthy Brows!

What is the difference between Microblading and the Traditional Eyebrow Tattoo?
The most common type of traditional eyebrow tattoos involves the use of a tattoo gun and a block style brow, which leaves the client with a dark outlined eyebrow and no depth. These often fade to really unflattering colors. Microblading the client with crisp, thin lines that looks identical to your natural hair strokes. Careful selection of pigment is chosen to give depth and shape so that the natural brows and Microbladed strokes blend seamlessly.

Is Microblading painful?
Every client is different and pain tolerance varies by client. Most clients describe the pain level as minimal and find tweezing and threading more uncomfortable. We use topical lidocaine cream available to minimize discomfort.

How long does the whole process take?
The process takes approximately two hours from the moment you walk in the door to completion of your pinup brows. The first hour or so is spent designing your new brows and numbing the area. There is no downtime! Occasionally, some clients will have some slight redness and swelling around the area which is very normal and will subside within a couple hours. Most clients go on about their normal day when they leave their appointment. We do not believe in rushing this procedure as we always allocate extra time to perfect your brows!

How long does it last?
This will vary by client. If aftercare instructions are followed diligently, your new brows will last approximately 12-18 months. For some people, their brows will last even longer. Certain factors such as sun exposure, getting chemical peels, oily skin type, etc. will affect whether your brows will last on the higher or lower end of the expected 12-18 months.