What are your perfect Pinup Brow goals?
Microblading can help you obtain the brows of your dreams!

Are your eyebrows too light or too sparse? Are you tired of penciling in your eyebrows only to have them smudge, sweat or fade off throughout your day? If so, this is certainly one procedure you do not want to miss out on!

Introducing the latest technology in permanent makeup. The Microblading technique creates the most natural looking  3D eyebrows and is considered to be semi-permanent, lasting anywhere from 1-3 years. This innovative technique can eliminate the need for expensive eyebrow enhancement products while saving you effort and time in your daily routine!

Microblading is a manual semi-permanent solution to sparse, over tweezed and thinning brows! It is a freehand technique using a specialized hand tool to deposit cosmetic pigments into the surface of the skin and imitates the natural hair strokes.

This service is great for scars, shape reconstruction and gaps. In choosing this service it is imperative you have a certified practitioner who understands brow anatomy, who is skillfully artistic and uses high quality products. That’s why we got you!

Our Pinup Brow Artists are all certified and have been professionally trained to fully understand the underlying fundamentals of the art of brows! We believe that your eyebrows are your trademark!

With our expert advice we can work with you and obtain the perfect Pinup Brows!

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