Our Process

The consultation process is the most crucial part of the process. We use our brow theory to determine your ideal correction and shape.  With our expert advice, we help you determine the perfect shape, width, arch and colour. We will not continue the process until you are completely satisfied with your Pinup Worthy Brows!

We will outline the steps of the procedure, risks and potential complications. We will cover the healing process and aftercare procedures. We are here to answer all your questions and listen to all your concerns!

The Procedure
Once we have found the perfect shape, numbing cream will be applied to your eyebrows to ensure a pain-free experience. Please do not hesitate to ask for more if necessary! We want this procedure to be a relaxing process!

Using a freehand technique we mimic the hair growth pattern by creating natural strokes. At Pinup Brows, we care for your health and only new and sealed medical blades are you used for each procedures! The result is a very natural looking brow with feathering technique which replicates the brow hair.

After Care
We will not send you home without our after-care package! Pinup Brows want to be there for you from the very beginning till the very end! We will send you home with instructions and a kit for you to take home to ensure a happy recovery for your brows!

Follow up
This follow up procedure is very important! We want to see you after 4-6 weeks to see how your brows have healed and touch up any hair strokes that may have slipped away throughout your healing period. One touch up is always included after your first treatment.
You invested money into your brows and it’s our job to get the Pin up worthy Brows you deserve!