Why Pinup Brows?

We’re specialists | Our Pinup Brow Artists have all been extensively trained and are all familiar with our mission here at Pinup Brows. You can expect to walk in and leave knowing that we do not cut corners because every standard has been expected and met.

Your Signature Pinup Brow | We do not believe in a stencil “signature brow” where all-brows-fit-one but, we do believe that there is a shape that will perfectly frame your face so let us help you to find your signature Pinup Brow!

We’re suckers for long-term relationships! | We do not believe in one-night brows, we want to be there for your brows from the beginning to the end! We are ready for commitments!

Our work is fueled by love and passion | Just as obsessed as you are, our passion is what drives us here at Pinup Brows! All our artists at Pinup Brows can relate to many stories and experiences with all shapes so that we are able to pour all our love and passion into finding the perfect fit for you!